The Rotary Club of St. Stephen-Milltown held its 40th Annual Super Draw Dinner Feb. 26.2014 at the Legion Hall and gave away a total of $21,200 in prizes and donations. This event has supported youth hockey programs since its inception in 1974 and more latterly supported other community initiatives dealing with children. The Charlotte County Boys and Girls Club is a major beneficiary of this draw as well as proceeds from the Kiwanis/Rotary Radio Bingo, a joint service club effort of the past decade.


st stephen milltown draw 


Rotarians, friends, and Super Draw boosters gathered for the 40th Annual Super Draw Dinner to watch the St. Stephen-Milltown Rotary Club give away prizes and donations. Top prizes of $7,000, $1000, $500 made people happy and 27 consolation prizes kept the crowd interested all evening. The real winners of the evening were the youth of the community as Rotarians presented cheques of $2000 to the St. Stephen High School boys and girls hockey program, $2000 to the St. Stephen Minor Hockey Association and $4000 to the Charlotte County Boys & Girls Club. Susan Schnier, Rotary president, left, made the presentations to Jeff Haley of the High School, Jaclyn Fitzsimmons of the B&G Club and Wally Morrow from Minor Hockey, assisted by Super Draw co-chairperson Rob Mann, right.

50/50 draw 

Rotary friends come in all ages and styles. Here student Marley Woodside (her mother is a former Rotarian who helps organize the Super Draw) helps 3rd generation Rotarian Joan Flewelling, right, sell 50/50 tickets to president Susan Schnier. This draw raised $227 for the club's 'Foundation account'.


st stephen milltown 50 50

The 280 Super Draw tickets fuel a great many community service donations and have always been well received by the community. The $100 tickets also give you a delicious Legion dinner and an opportunity to see Rotarians in action during a fun social evening. The real work, of course, is selling the tickets in the 3 months prior to the dinner!

st stephen milltown draw full house