Are You Ready for a Rotarian Call to Action?
What if that Call got you a ticket to the Best Party Ever?!?
Most of you know this, but maybe you are new to Rotary and not really familiar with the Rotary Foundation (TRF).  TRF helps Rotarians (like us!) do great projects all over the world with millions of $$ in grants every year.  We keep TRF going with our donations to the Annual Fund and to PolioPlus, money that comes back to our grant program.  What most DON’T know is that in the last year our requests for grants are more than doubled, but our donations are in many districts lower due to the pandemic.
Do You Plan to Donate to TRF this Year?
We can't do these projects without donating to the Annual Fund!  We hope that you can find it in your heart and budget to donate to the TRF Annual Fund every year, no matter what level.  Our goal is "EREY" (Every Rotarian Every Year)!  If you can comfortably do it, try for the "Sustaining Member" level.  That is a minimum of $100 USD each year (or $8.33 per month - which is $10.58 CDN - which is roughly 2.5 lattes!)
IF you plan to donate as a Sustaining Member this year, then...
Join the Party!
Make your $100 donation your ticket to the fundraising Gala event “Celebrating our Foundation!”  Around 70,000 Rotarians invited from Alaska, all across Canada & northern USA!!  Check out a 2.5-minute intro video at:
Get ALL the details & registration at:
A few details:
  • 5:00-6:00pm Wednesday 12 May (minimum $100 donation)
  • Followed by District TRF Awards event @6:30pm
  • Rotary Celebrities including...
    • R.I. Director Valarie Wafer
    • T.R.F. Trustee Dean Rohrs
    • Future R.I. President Jennifer Jones
    • P.R.I. Director Jeffry Cadorette
    • P.R.I. President Barry Rassin
    • PolioPlus Chair Mike McGovern
  • Other Stars including...
    • World Champion Flair bartender Tom Dyer
    • Pop/Rock singer Barney Bentall
    • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Guitarist Alex Lifeson (RUSH)
  • AND MORE!!!!