01 October, 2021                                                                                                   
Response Statement on 2022 Rotary Convention in Houston
Rotary has built a global presence based on our strong, shared core values. As a non­political and non-religious organization, we are people of action whose strengths enable us to create lasting change. And our diversity of people, mind and purpose has drawn thought leaders and changemakers to us to forge partnerships and
opportunities few other organizations enjoy. Rotary values help build trust and stability across the world, and our presence builds hope wherever we meet and serve.
Rotary International’s annual convention is an essential part of our culture and success. Selection of a site for hosting a convention does not endorse the policies of the local government or the political environment in which the convention is held. Our convention allows us to bring together our diverse perspective to exchange ideas that allow us to take action towards fostering more peaceful communities. Thousands of Rotary members from the Houston area have spent years preparing for this international celebration. These dedicated Rotarian are looking forward to both hosting fellow members from around the globe and demonstrating to the local community how Rotary brings people together to share ideas and take action to address pressing needs at home and throughout the world.
Rotary is aware that some people have questioned if Rotary should hold our convention in Houston. We believe that based on our values and the purpose of our convention we can do more to address challenges and concerns by holding our convention, than we can by attempting to make a statement regarding local issues. We encourage continuing dialogue within our community of Rotary members and believe it is in the best tradition of our organization. Openly discussing the ethical considerations of everything we do holds us accountable to our values; it is
fundamental to being a member of Rotary. It is for these reasons, and assuming that the impact of COVID-19 is reduced, and it is safe to do so, we intend to hold our Convention in Houston in June.
Kindest regards,
Shekhar Mehta
President, Rotary International 2021-22