Posted on Nov 16, 2018
To: District governors, district governors elect, assistant governors, Rotary coordinators, assistant Rotary coordinators, district membership chairs, club presidents and club membership chairs

Dear club and district leaders,

Join us for the webinar Membership Models for the Future of Rotary on Wednesday, 5 December, 18:00-19:00 Chicago time (UTC-6), if you believe your club could benefit from becoming more flexible and you:
  • Want to host some meetings online but aren’t sure how
  • Have heard about corporate memberships and want to learn more about how they could benefit your club — and community 
  • Are wondering how a satellite club might allow more prospective members to engage with and expand Rotary
Register and see the webinar in your time zone. Everyone who registers will receive access to the recording and slides. 

Our panelists will talk about the challenges, benefits, and lessons of designing a club experience that works for every member.

Membership Development team