One of Rotary International's 6 areas of focus is Disease Prevention and Treatment and is the theme for December. In 1979, Rotary became the first service organization to create a campaign to immunize six million children in the Philippines in a multi year project. This start has led to where we are today, almost eradicating it from the world. Rotary is partnered with the Gates Foundation who matches the monies raised and together achieve over 500 million annually. 
Today we are down to 107 cases in two countries and the push is on to vaccinate the remainder. It has been the major focus of Rotary to take the impossible and find the solution. It is through the drive of a million Rotarians to raise money and to help with the volunteering to immunize children throughout the world. 
Did you know that October 24th is End Polio Day? District 7810 had a number of clubs doing specific fundraising and awareness activities in Northern Maine and New Brunswick. 
Did you know that the Gates Foundation matches Polio donations year-round? Many clubs are involved in End Polio activities throughout the year.