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Dear District Governors and Club Presidents,

We see the decision to vaccinate as a civic and humanitarian imperative. Rotary is not a political or religious organization, it is a service organization and this is the lens through which we are advising you of our position.
  1. Global vaccination is the path to ending the pandemic and the emergence of new variants. Rotary endorses and strongly encourages vaccination for all individuals including our members who are currently able to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In areas where COVID-19 is surging, communities are facing extreme challenges, health systems are overwhelmed, and contentious rhetoric is dividing us. It is critical that the virus be contained so that the world may begin to heal. To that end, the purpose of this statement is to reinforce Rotary’s position.
  2. Misinformation has become an “infodemic” that hinders the fight against COVID-19. In line with our Four-Way Test, Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation are committed to providing our members with science-based information.
  3. Rotary International staff at One Rotary Center were required to be vaccinated by 10 October 2021, as a criterion for employment after that date. RI’s employee vaccination rate stands at over 99 percent.
  4. Globally, Rotary is actively engaged in assuring equity in vaccine access to all people. Our efforts have included advocacy with the G-20, and a proof-of-concept program with GAVI/COVAX to leverage our frontline experience with polio eradication to facilitate vaccine delivery in several low- and middle-income countries where Rotarians are active. While we know many clubs are already deeply involved in COVID-19 prevention, we are working on additional strategies to multiply our collective efforts. GAVI/COVAX is a partnership including WHO and UNICEF focused on global access and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.
  5. Those children for whom vaccines are not currently available are at significant risk. Until vaccines are available for all children, the vaccination of adults is the best way to protect children who cannot be vaccinated. Pediatric admissions for COVID-19 are rising precipitously in areas of low vaccination.
  6. Rotary salutes health care workers everywhere as they continue to provide lifesaving services. Local recognition of these heroes by each of our clubs can help to encourage them to continue their important work. Rotary abhors any harassment and attacks on healthcare workers.
  7. Rotary and Rotaract clubs are encouraged to
    • set good examples by being exemplary role models; 
    • redouble their efforts to support COVID-19 treatment, prevention, and vaccination efforts.
  8. Vaccines have proven to be one of the greatest advances of modern medicine. The World Health Organization estimates that vaccines save between 2 to 3 million children’s lives each year, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative estimates the polio vaccine has saved more than 19 million children from paralysis. Vaccines are safe, effective and are responsible for eliminating or controlling many other vaccine-preventable diseases such as smallpox, measles, rubella, and Ebola. And now, there is the opportunity to end the COVID-19 pandemic through vaccines.
  9. The eradication of polio remains a goal of the highest order for Rotary. We can apply the lessons we have learned in fighting polio to the efforts in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shekhar Mehta                                                                              John Germ
President, Rotary International                                                Chair, The Rotary Foundation
01 October, 2021                                                                                                   
Response Statement on 2022 Rotary Convention in Houston
Rotary has built a global presence based on our strong, shared core values. As a non­political and non-religious organization, we are people of action whose strengths enable us to create lasting change. And our diversity of people, mind and purpose has drawn thought leaders and changemakers to us to forge partnerships and
opportunities few other organizations enjoy. Rotary values help build trust and stability across the world, and our presence builds hope wherever we meet and serve.
Rotary International’s annual convention is an essential part of our culture and success. Selection of a site for hosting a convention does not endorse the policies of the local government or the political environment in which the convention is held. Our convention allows us to bring together our diverse perspective to exchange ideas that allow us to take action towards fostering more peaceful communities. Thousands of Rotary members from the Houston area have spent years preparing for this international celebration. These dedicated Rotarian are looking forward to both hosting fellow members from around the globe and demonstrating to the local community how Rotary brings people together to share ideas and take action to address pressing needs at home and throughout the world.
Rotary is aware that some people have questioned if Rotary should hold our convention in Houston. We believe that based on our values and the purpose of our convention we can do more to address challenges and concerns by holding our convention, than we can by attempting to make a statement regarding local issues. We encourage continuing dialogue within our community of Rotary members and believe it is in the best tradition of our organization. Openly discussing the ethical considerations of everything we do holds us accountable to our values; it is
fundamental to being a member of Rotary. It is for these reasons, and assuming that the impact of COVID-19 is reduced, and it is safe to do so, we intend to hold our Convention in Houston in June.
Kindest regards,
Shekhar Mehta
President, Rotary International 2021-22
Last call for reduced rate!
We’re excited to gather again in-person so we can connect, share ideas, and strengthen our relationships in an atmosphere of friendship and learning. The 2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston, Texas, USA, offers us that opportunity – and we remain optimistic that we’ll be there together 4-8 June 2022.   
The deadline to register at the reduced rate is fast approaching. You have until 15 December 2021, so sign up and pay today to take advantage of significant savings. You’ll have the chance to cancel for a full refund until 30 April 2022, minus a $50 per person administration fee. 
The Rotary convention provides opportunities to expand your network, share best practices, and stay informed. Plus, you won’t want to miss the Houston Host Organization Committee’s lineup of ticketed events, like the Discovery Green Welcome Event at a 12-acre park steps from the convention center.
Don’t delay your convention registration and the prospect of meeting up with old and new friends. Perhaps you can even encourage a friend to join you so they, too, can be inspired with the family of Rotary.  
We look forward to welcoming you in Houston! 
November is a month of FREE opportunity open to all Rotarians and Rotaractors.
Check out the teaser video for the upcoming month: CLICK HERE.
Bios and topics can be found in the attachment. All attendees MUST register to get the ZOOM Links. 
November 6: 10am-12:15pm Atlantic Halifax time
   Pierre Battah - Author of Humanity at Work
   Jillian Gibson - Foundation Chair for District 7820
November 6: 12:30pm-2:45pm Atlantic Halifax time 
   Melina Marzaro - Quebec City Rotaract Club, District 7790
                                 Rotaract Rep and Zone 28/32 Assistant Public
                                 Image Coordinator
    Kelly Hunt - St. John After Hours Rotary Club President, District
                                 7820 Public Image Committee
                                 member and Zone 28/32 Assistant Public
                                 Image Coordinator
November 20: 10am-11am Atlantic Halifax time 
                      Corey F. - Canadian Mental Health Association
For the security of the events please do not post this on any social media. Any issues please contact me directly. 
Yours in Rotary
Anthony Waddell
Director of Training and Development
District 7810
Rotary Service and Engagement 
Joint service week
Joint Service Week: 10-16 October
Dear Rotary member,

I am excited to announce that Rotary International is partnering with our friends at Kiwanis International, Lions Clubs International, and Optimist International to increase our collective impact through community service.

Celebrate Community is a weeklong service event taking place 10-16 October. During this time, Rotary, Rotaract, Kiwanis, Lions, and Optimist clubs are encouraged to collaborate with one another to complete a service project that benefits the community. Work with your fellow service club members to determine how you can best help your community, such as:
  • Cleaning up a park, highway, or waterway
  • Planting trees
  • Collecting nonperishable food for food pantries or clothing for homeless shelters
  • Packing meals
  • Harvesting a community garden
  • Reading to children at the local library
  • Volunteering at a local animal shelter
Whatever you choose to do, tell us about it! Tag @Rotary on social media to let us — and your neighbors — know how you’re giving back and celebrating community through service.

Use the club finder tool on the Kiwanis, Lions, and Optimist websites to find a club near you.

I hope this is one of many opportunities for our four organizations to collaborate and serve. We all want to do good in the world, and we can do even more when we do it together.


John Hewko
General Secretary
Rotary International
Attached is a tribute to Pam Harrison that appears in the current Vesey’s catalogue. It is a tremendous acknowledgment recognizing her commitment and passion toward  the elimination of polio.
Please watch the video below to learn more about how ShelterBox is helping families who have been affected by this horrible disaster.
Haiti Update: Your Aid in Action
Teams are currently in direct communication with locally based partners and senior Rotarians within Haiti. We are working directly with community members to ensure the right aid is getting to the families who need it most.
There is still lots of work needed as teams navigate logistics, security concerns, and access challenges, but your support is making it all possible.
Teams are currently in the final planning stages with locally based partners to ensure that aid is on the way to ensure appropriate aid reaches those who need it most. Click here to learn more about the situation in Haiti and how you can support these actions.
I will update you as the situation and response efforts continue. Thank you again for your support.
Stephanie Christensen
Executive Director
USE for all EMAIL
ShelterBox and Rotary are official Project Partners in international disaster relief. ShelterBox Canada is a registered charity independent of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation. Charitable Registration # 84628 3208 RR0001
Are You Ready for a Rotarian Call to Action?
What if that Call got you a ticket to the Best Party Ever?!?
Most of you know this, but maybe you are new to Rotary and not really familiar with the Rotary Foundation (TRF).  TRF helps Rotarians (like us!) do great projects all over the world with millions of $$ in grants every year.  We keep TRF going with our donations to the Annual Fund and to PolioPlus, money that comes back to our grant program.  What most DON’T know is that in the last year our requests for grants are more than doubled, but our donations are in many districts lower due to the pandemic.
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