Greetings from Evanston! My name is Molly Block and I am excited to
introduce myself as the Rotary Friendship Exchange Coordinator.
RI President-elect Ian Riseley, with the support from the RI Board of
Directors, has made the newly expanded Rotary Friendship
Exchange program one of his main priorities and is encouraging all
districts to participate in 2017-18. Learn more about the expanded
guidelines through this handout.
Our records indicate that District 7810 has not yet appointed a
District Rotary Friendship Exchange Chair for the upcoming
Rotary year. District chairs support the Rotary Friendship
Exchange program by planning and coordinating all aspects
of exchanges at the district level. By appointing a chair, you
will be providing an opportunity for members in your district to
experience a different culture, broaden their international
understanding, foster goodwill, explore their professions in a
different context, build longstanding friendships, and establish
a foundation for peace and service. 
We are looking for someone to volunteer as District Chair
for this position.
Best wishes in the coming Rotary year,

Any Rotarian that is interested please contact Iris Sullivan directly.

member photo
District Governor Elect
Phone: 506-352-0905


                To all Rotarian's in District 7810
                 We are pleased to invite you to
              a Buffet Diner in honor of our
                      PETS CELEBRATION
                  We have the honor of hosting Mary Beth Growney Selene
                                   Saturday April 22nd, 2017
                                  Fredericton Inn, Fredericton
                                           5:00pm - 7:00pm
                         Cost: $20.00 per person Partners INVITED
                                        RSVP by April 14th
Like a corporation, Rotary is governed by a Board of Directors lead by a President. Every three years however, with a nod towards a Parliamentary form of government, Rotary meets in a forum called the Council on Legislation. 2016 was such a year and the Council on Legislation met last week April 11-15. 
 Virginia (Ginny) Joles - DG 7810
It is truly an honor and privilege to serve Rotary District 7810 as 2016-2017 District Governor!  Jerry and I are blessed to have many wonderful individuals to work together on our District team.  I am so excited about the opportunities that await us as we go into this year!
We are fortunate to have had such wonderful leadership in the past. I extend whole-hearted thanks to Wayne and Sylvie Wornes, as well as Mike and Francine Walsh, for their dynamic leadership, guidance, and training during this past year!  Going forward, they have agreed to help strengthen Youth Services, Training, and Membership.
I am very excited to be a part of Rotary International President John Germ’s “All Star Team.”  That is what he calls his group of District Governors who will be serving humanity with him.  John and his wife, Judy, are from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has a huge heart and will be an amazing leader for our organization. He chose three simple, no-nonsense words to be the theme for his year:  “Rotary Serving Humanity.”  He is not concerned with how many meetings you attended as a Rotarian, but asks you to make a small difference in your community, one day at a time.
I have asked our club presidents to establish some very important goals for their clubs and to pair up with another club, to adopt a twin club, meet new Rotarians, exchange ideas, take action and make a difference.  Our district also has some lofty goals for next year.  I am certain that together, as a team, we can accomplish all of those goals.
Some of my personal goals are to grow membership, support our youth, celebrate The Foundation’s 100th Anniversary, and keep our members informed and involved.  And, I encourage you to be passionate, involved, and eager as we begin this year’s Rotary journey.
 In closing, thank you for being a Rotarian!  I am thankful for all that you do to give back in your communities. And, I am thankful for your confidence in me and look forward to meeting with you soon.  Please know that I am here for you.  I am only a phone call or an email away.
Virginia R. Joles
District Governor 2016-2017
Rotary International District 7810
207-762-8461 or 207-227-5673 (cell) 
It has been a fantastic Rotary year, what an experience, I would highly recommend this to anyone. Now, you do have to love driving and not sleeping in your own bed most of the year but I was with my wife so it was allowed, lol.  So many great Rotarians, events and fellowship.  Too many to express here.  The memories will always be there for Sylvie and I as we create more in our journey.  The District was strong before we took the helm and is stronger moving onto the next Rotary year.  We are so blessed to have so many qualified, carrying, and Service above Self Rotariansin this Rotary District.
We did have to say farewell to a few long serving Rotarians and friends as they were called to the Rotary meeting in the sky. They will also forever be in in our thoughts. We sent the Banner onto Presque Isle to continue the great work, Virginia "Ginny" Joles and Jerry, we wish you well and know the support will continue.
Several Perth-Andover Rotarians along with some friends of Rotary gathered recently at the Community Garden located on the Andover Elementary School grounds.  They did a beautiful job in “sprucing” up the gardens for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks to everyone for a job well done! copy and paste link if clicking does not work.
Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation has been set up as a way for Rotarians and the public to donate to the relief of Fort McMurray.  The Alberta Government will match 15% of funds donated to maximum of $1000 per donation.
The Canadian and Alberta Government has stated they will match dollar for dollar money donated to the Canadian Red Cross,
We wish all affected by the Wildfires in Alberta, health and safety and send our thoughts and best wishes.
Training of the following categories are to be done by Area. (FOUNDATION / MEMBERSHIP / PUBLIC IMAGE and YOUTH SERVICES)
Attached please find a schedule of these training sessions.  If you did not attend the one in your area at the time it was held, or are unable to attend the session in your area when it is to be held, then you should attend a training session that will fit your time schedule.
These training sessions will last from 1:00pm until 4:00pm.

Dear District Governors,
On April 10 the 2016 Council on Legislation (CoL) will convene to act on
PE 16-98, which proposes amending RI Bylaws to add that RI "supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the humanitarian crisis of global warming."
Past RI Director Mary Beth Growney Selene, has asked me to send you this letter (
attached as a pdf and copied below) in which she asks:

"…your district's clubs to support this proposed enactment and ask your district's delegate to the 2016 CoL to vote
yes, and speak in support of its passage.”


Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to or, of the RC of Madison, WI, in which this proposal originated.
Thanks in advance for forwarding Rotarian Growney Selene's letter to your District's CoL delegate and requesting their support.
Yours in service,
Karen D. Kendrick-Hands
Going Green Fellowship, Co-Chair
Member, Rotary Club of Madison, District 6250

March 22, 2016

Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Last year, I was proud to help District 6250 forward Proposed Enactment 16-98 to "support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the humanitarian crisis of global warming" to the 2016 Council on Legislation. I am asking your district's clubs to support this proposed enactment and ask your district's delegate to the 2016 CoL to vote yes, and speak in support of its passage. I am joined in that request by the undersigned fellow PDG's and other concerned Rotarians.

In my opinion,all of the rationales in the attached Purpose and Effect statement are still true and even more compelling. 2015 was Earth's warmest year by the widest margin on record; []. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21, held in Paris, December 2015, 193 countries came together to affirm the dangers of climate change and commit to greenhouse gas reduction strategies to keep temperature rise below 2 degrees centigrade. The Paris Agreement even anticipates a role for Rotary International as a "non-party stakeholder of civil society . . . to support actions to reduce emissions and/or build resilience and decrease vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change . . . " Sections 134 & 135.

Climate change's profound impacts will adversely affect Rotary projects in all of the Areas of Focus, impeding and frustrating current efforts, including completing the eradication of polio, and undoing much of our past service legacy. Additionally, the very existence of dozens of Rotary Clubs in the Small Island States is threatened by sea level rise.

Too often, we as Rotarians don't appreciate the esteem in which Rotary is held around the world, the pivotal role we can play in responding to global crises, and what a difference it will make to have Rotary proactively leading the effort to support action on climate change. Rotary is the ideal forum to lead the depoliticization of responses to the looming humanitarian crises that climate change will bring. Implementing solutions is consistent with advancing our efforts in all the Areas of Focus.

PE 16-98 is not a change in policy, but an expansion of opportunity for Rotary to lead. No Club or District will be compelled to act, but PE16-98 does clarify that Clubs and Districts will be allowed to act under the Rotary Banner to work to mitigate and adapt to climate change if they choose.

Rotary's leadership on climate change embodies Rotary's finest value of Service above Self and will increase our relevance and value to the next generation of Rotarians, the young professionals who are vital to our organization's future.

As Paul Harris has challenged us: "Whatever Rotary means to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves." Supporting Climate Change action is wholly consistent with the values at the bedrock of Rotary International. For additional details, please contact Paul Riehemann, and Karen Kendrick-Hands,, members of the RC Madison, WI, USA and co-founders of the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group.

Thank you in advance for your support of PE 16-98.

Best Regards,
Mary Beth Growney Selene, PDG, Past Rotary International Director, 2013-15

Additional Signatories:
Mary Van Hout, DG 6250, Wisconsin & Minnesota, USA 2015/16
Dean Dickinson, PDG 6250, USA CoL Delegate 2013-16
Dick Stevens, PDG 5340, California 2012/13
Abdulla Salih, President, RC Male, Maldives 2015/16
David Brawn, PDG 9675, Australia 2010/11
Peter L Moralée, PDG District 1220, Great Britain 2013/14. Vice Chair of  The
   Sustainability Trust
Rodney Huggins, PDG 1090 Great Britain, 1987/88, Member-at-Large, CoLs
   2005-08, 2009-13
Terry Knowles, PDG 1040 (then 104), Great Britain 1981/82
Gabrielle Back, Ass't DG1060, Great Britain, 2015-16
David Warren, PDG 6250, USA, 2014/15
Robert R. Stroud, PDG 6250, USA 2012/13
Chuck Hanson, PDG 6250, USA. 2011/2012

On February 22nd, The Rotary Club of Perth-Andover hosted the Rotary Club of Florenceville at The Castle Inn in Perth-Andover.  
Prior to the meeting, a group of young students from the Sistema program gave a very entertaining performance.  At the conclusion of the meeting Dave Halpine, Director of the local Sistema program, gave an excellent and informative slide show presentation.   On behalf of the Club, Cheryl  Reed, President, presented Dave with a cheque for $2000.   Rotarian Marianne Bell, Club Foundation Chair, assisted with the presentation.  We thank District 7810 for a matching grant to assist with the program.  We were very pleased to help the children grow in their love of music.

We also celebrated Rotary's 111th birthday (Feb. 23) with a birthday cake.  It was a  most enjoyable evening of Rotary fellowship.
At a well-attended banquet on Saturday, March 12, Donald Dickson and Rotarian Marsha Lang, were made Paul Harris Fellows by the Rotary Club of Perth-Andover.  Both recipients are well known for their volunteer work in the community.  Making the presentation was District Governor Wayne Wornes and Club President, Cheryl Reed.
On a sunny February morning the Rotary Flag was raised at City Hall  by Mayor Brad Woodside far left to mark the 111th Anniversary of Rotary.    3 Fredericton Clubs were represented, left to right David Balmain, President of Fredericton North Club, Jean Street, President of Fredericton Sunrise Club, John Carkner Past District Governor, Sunrise Club and Tim Porter, President Elect of the newly formed Hanwell Club.  The flag will remain flying until March 1st.  Happy Anniversary Rotary.
There are nine weeks to go until the globally synchronized switch from the trivalent to bivalent oral polio vaccine, an important milestone in achieving a polio-free world.
At the February 8th meeting of the Rotary Club of Perth-Andover, President Cheryl Reed presented a $2000 (US) cheque to Carl Young, President of the Rotary Club of Fort Fairfield for the GIIVE Project (Guatemalan Infrastructure Improvement Venture).  The project will improve sanitation and water infrastructure  in the villages in Monterrico, Santa Rose and Guatemala region.  Several clubs from Area 1 have partnered to raise funds for the project.  Also pictured is Kevin McCartney, member of the Rotary Club of Presque Isle and member of the organizing committee for the project.

Join my quest for peace
By Past District Governor Anton Polsterer, District 1910; Past Chair of Inter-Country Committees worldwide
I want to share my experience in a multi country district afflicted by war, specifically civil war, and how Rotarians and Rotary clubs can help re-establish mutual understanding and goodwill.  Our efforts can help heal the wounds caused by political and civil unrest by creating a climate, which renders future conflicts difficult and hopefully impossible.
I joined Rotary in Vienna in 1986 and transferred to the Rotary Club of Moscow while working in Russia
from 1989-92. Later, after moving back to Austria, I became District Governor for Bosnia & Herzegovina,
Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria. After years of war and totalitarian government rule, these communities longed for freedom and peace.
Our district had 130 clubs with more than 5000 Rotarians. We represented five different nationalities and languages. Croatia and Bosnia were heavily hurt by the Yugoslav civil war in the 1990s: Bosnia and Herzegovina had a pre-war population of 4.5 million people including Orthodox Serbians, Catholic Croatians and Bosnian Moslems. During the war, close to two million people, almost 50% of the population was displaced within their own country to create “ethnic” regions.
Rotarian Norm Purdy had the ultimate Rotary Make Up Meeting on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.  He left behind one his club's Rotary banners. Congrats to Norm on reaching new heights and for spreading the word about Rotary.
The Rotary Club of Perth-Andover conducted their annual Christmas tree pickup on Saturday morning, Jan. 9.  Upon completion of the job, a time of fellowship and a hot meal was provided by fellow Rotarians. 
Rotarian Mike Bolster and his enthusiastic group of helpers collected the trees.
Rotarians Malcolm Grant, Louiselle St. Amand, Ron Cummings and Cheryl Reed braved the cold weather to collect discarded Christmas trees, which were headed for the shredder to be turned into mulch.  For more than 30 years, the Rotary Club of Perth-Andover have been providing this service to the community.
It's a major milestone!! The Rotary Win Win has now paid out $100,000 in prizes and that means we have also contributed $100,000 between the "Charities of the Month" and Rotary projects on Grand Manan. Thank you Grand Manan!!!
District Foundation Chair Rick Rogers and PDG Mike Walsh presented certificates of appreciation to the Rotary clubs of Floranceville, Presque Isle and Perth- Andover for their financial support to the ‘End Polio Now’ campaign. As of 2015, we can celebrate year one of Nigeria with no reported cases of polio, leaving only two countries – Pakistan and Afghanistan.  We are getting very close!!! 

The Rotary Club of St. Stephen-Milltown is proud to celebrate its 96th birthday this month. It was chartered in January 1920 and sponsored by the RC of Saint John. Here's to a long career of service to the community!

St. Stephen/Milltown Rotary Club's photo.
Wish List!!! When an exchange student comes to Canada they often want to have the “Canadian experience” which involves - lots of snow and a HOCKEY GAME. On Sunday afternoon (December 6) Louie (Sackville) and Pam joined Carlos (Moncton) and Andrew to watched the Moncton Wild Cats’ game. The game went into overtime so they got to experience the ‘peak hockey stress’. Thanks to Andrew for providing the tickets.
Machias Town Manager Christina Therrien was inducted into the town’s chapter of the Rotary at the weekly meeting of the club Tuesday, November 3rd. Therrien accepted her Rotary pin, demonstrating a commitment to "service above self." The town official’s membership was sponsored by Wayne Peters, program coordinator for the group. The club was also visited that night by Wayne Wornes, governor of the Machias club’s district, and his wife Sylvie. The Rotary is an international civic group organized into smaller districts; within Machias’ district are 40 "very successful" clubs, 10 of which are in the U.S., Wornes explained. Machias’ district is one of the smallest in the global organization, with around 1,200 members spread across what is one of the largest districts geographically.
The visit was part of a regional tour by Wornes, who shared that a program designed to connect Rotary clubs through online webinars would be operative next year. He also announced an exciting project meant to spark more interaction between clubs within their district and to encourage Rotarians’ interest in conferences and Rotary leadership by bringing training and local discussion within a reasonable distance of the clubs. Wornes lamented that the Rotary doesn’t get enough nominations at the district level for governors, and not for lack of suitable candidates. In order to be eligible for governorship, one must be a chapter president for two years, at which time a club can nominate its president. After a nomination is accepted, it is a three-year process before a candidate can become a District Governor.
The District Governor brought with him a speech by "Ravi" Ravindran, president of the Rotary International, an inspired appeal to members to "be a gift to the world," which is also the organization’s theme for 2015. Being a Rotarian is not just about the giving of money and resources, but giving of yourself, Ravi said, illustrating the Rotary International’s appreciation of "the difference between a handout and an outstretched hand."
 Pictured from left to right: Rick Rogers, Wayne Peters, Christina Therrien, Wayne Wornes, and Machias Rotary Club President Paul Gaddis 
We Wish the best of the season to all in District 7810.  Sylvie and I have met and reconnected with so many great Rotarians and citizens of the world this year and we would like to take the time to say "Thank you for your Service Above Self", we know that because of you, your community and the world will be a better place to live in".  Rotary strives to be an all encompassing organization so if this is not a time of celebration or if your beliefs celebrate a different method, than that is the beauty of Rotary and please take this time to "Be A Gift To The World".

Hi Wayne - “once upon a time Mike and Francine came to Sackville to a PHF event and met Jeff from Community Forrest International. So Jeff got invited to speak at the District Conference in Dieppe on Sunday morning. Many Rotarians were impressed and  invited Jeff to speak at their clubs over the next few months. Jeff spoke at Lowell’s club last week, he was a big hit!!! In Presque Isle  Lowell told me they were donating $1,000.00 to Jeff’s project and wondered if Sackville may want to match their donation”.  


And that my friend is how Rotary works!!!!


I am amazed by Rotarian’s power to make things happen, and very proud to be a Rotarian. Pam

Polio this week of November 25,  2015

World polio Update

 In 2015, wild poliovirus transmission is at the lowest levels ever, with fewer cases reported from fewer areas of fewer countries than ever before. In 2015, 57 wild poliovirus cases have been reported from two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan), compared to 305 cases from nine countries during the same period in 2014. 

  • PakistanOne new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) case was reported in the past week, with onset of paralysis on 1 November. It is the most recent WPV1 case in the country, from Kamari town, Karachi, Sindh. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2015 is now 41
  • Afghanistan:. No new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week. The most recent case had onset of paralysis on 27 October, from Nangarhar. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2015 remains 16.


YTD 2015

YTD 2014

Total 2014

Onset Most Recent Case
















Nov. 2015

Dec. 2014








Oct. 2015









July 2014

May 2015

* 1 case not reported.
Pictured is Rambha Pershad, owner of the Fundy Line Motel and Restaurant, Florence Preston, cook at the Fundy Line, Shawn Cripps, president of the Rotary Club of Chatham. The Rotary Chili Cook off was held during the Association of Professional Engineering and Geoscientists of N.B. Pumpkin Fling. Five restaurants participated Tim Horton's, Mirawood Cafe, Fundy Line Restaurant, Rodd Miramichi Hotel, and Mike's. Each person paid $5.00 to taste each chili and vote for their favourite, $500 was raised for the Anglophone North School School District Science Program. The chili's were numbered one to five and in the blind taste test Fundy Line Restaurant won. They now have the plaque and Bragging rights as the best chili on the River for 2015. Out of the seven year history of the contest Fundy Line Restaurant has won three times. Thank you to all the Restaurants who donated their delicious chili and we hope to see you again next year.
The Rotary Club of Chatham donated $500 to the Miramichi Cardiac Wellness Program.  Pictured are Shawn Cripps Club President, Dr. Zbigniew Nowak, Medical Director, Cardiac Wellness Program and Kristen Copp Program Coordinator.
PRESQUE ISLE – During the weekend of November 13-15, 2015, Area One Rotary Club leaders from Caribou, Fort Fairfield, Fort Kent, Limestone, Mars Hill, Presque Isle, and Washburn, along with nearby Rotary Clubs from Houlton and New Brunswick will be gathering at the University of Maine at Presque Isle to learn more about Rotary International (RI) and the process required to be in compliance as a Rotary Club.
After the Saturday training on November 14, the Area One Future Visions Committee will host an informational dinner and silent auction fundraiser for Project GIIVE (Guatemalan Infrastructure Improvement Venture). The public is invited to join Rotarians at the Presque Isle Fish & Game Club, 583 Parsons Road, beginning at 4:30 p.m. for a vegetarian and beef stew dinner, $15 per person, and to hear more about a Future Visions Grant being jointly drafted by Area One Rotary Clubs and several New Brunswick Clubs.
Julia Phelps, Rotary International Director, will bring a welcome and direct message of how Rotary International, even a local Club, is a “Gift to the World.” Peter and Carolyn Johnson from the Rotary Club in Yarmouth, Maine, will tell about projects they have seen in Guatemala and how this involvement changed their lives. Carolyn serves as RI Assistant Coordinator for Zone 32, southern Maine and New England, and recently visited the proposed Project GIIVE communities while overseeing ongoing activities aligned with literacy, work with primary teachers, and small water projects funded through grants received by Districts in Zone 32.
Rotary District 7810 Governor Wayne Wornes and Foundation Chairperson Rick Rogers will also address Rotary’s emphasis on water and sanitation issues.
The planned Future Visions Grant is proposed to meet the needs of a village near the city of Monterrico, Guatemala, in cooperation with the Guatemalan Rotary Club La Ermita. The project funding goal for this initial project is about $50,000 with the implementation performed in stages and Future Visions GIIVE Projects will continue to be developed for years to come.
The initial request will be for water filtration devices to provide safe drinking water and eco-stoves to provide healthy home cooking facilities. The grant would also include improved sanitation facilities with eco-toilets. The GIIVE group of Rotary Clubs is planning to submit its grant application by July 2016. If approved and funded, the clubs will be sending Rotarians and vocationally-trained individuals to Monterrico, Guatemala, in the Spring of 2017.
The informational event will be held at the Presque Isle Fish & Game Club, 583 Parsons Road, Presque Isle, Maine, from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. Tickets for the event are $15/person. Silent Auction items will consist of authentic Guatemalan apparel, jewelry, coffee and other items. Proceeds from the evening will be given to the Future Vision GIIVE 2016 Project. To RSVP, please contact Kevin McCartney at or 207-492-4766 by November 8, 2015.
The Presque Isle Rotary Club maintains a membership of approximately 100 individuals and is part of a world-wide organization of community volunteers. The Slogan of Rotary is “Service Above Self” and the club seeks to live up to this ideal to support a variety of causes for the betterment of the community.
Anyone who is interested in learning more about Rotary and its ideals can visit or contact any Rotary member.
The Rotary Club of Moncton & West Riverview presented a $900.00 cheque to Visions United Church to support their COATS OF CARE project. They raised funds to purchase and deliver five (5) coats that convert into sleeping bags to every city in the Maritimes. The coats are made in Detroit by homeless  women through a wonderful project called the EMPOWERMENTPLAN (google for details). The pilot project begins November 1st and will be monitored this winter to evaluate if the coats are suitable and useful during our famous “Canadian Winters”. This is a great example of doing good in the world and addressing the growing concerns of poverty in Canada. 
Rotarian Pam Harrison ( Visions United Church) and Club President Darrell Nameth
In honor of World Polio Day, which is widely recognized on the 24th of October, the Rotary Club of Sackville held a fun auction on Thursday, October 1st and raised $1500 as part of Rotary’s 30-year mission to eradicate the crippling childhood disease polio.  Local Rotarian Pam Harrison suggested that to recognize the 30th anniversary of Rotary’s fight to eradicate polio that our 30 members should raise a minimum of $30 each.  This goal of $900 was exceeded through the generosity of individual club members! Due to the enthusiasm of club members to achieve their goal the Board of Directors decided to match these contributions to a total of $3000!
President Dianne Oulton of the Sackville Rotary Club said that “contributing to the end game of the Polio Plus eradication initiative was the right thing to do especially since every new dollar Rotary commits to polio eradication will be matched two-to-one by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation up to US$ 35 million a year. So our club’s contribution of $3000 in essence will be tripled to a grand total of $9000”.
The Rotary club of Sussex continues to grow through friendship, commitment and service to their community, Congratulations.
Rotary Club of Sussex NB, President Rob Driscoll receives a banner from the RI Foundation for recognition of the club's contribution to the foundation.  Only 1500 of the 360000 clubs receive such a recognition, Congratulations
The Hanwell Satellite Club. received its Charter on October 15, District Governor Wayne Wornes awarded them their Charter as the newly formed Hanwell Rotary Club. As an added bonus, their Club President, Adeline Misener, was inducted as a Paul Harris Fellow for her service. Congrats to Adeline and all members of the Hanwell Rotary Club!! Best of Luck! Twenty one new Rotarians were honoured by over 70 guests made up of 12 Rotary clubs and friends from New Brunswick, Ontario and Maine. They had the privilege of having Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, in attendance.
Sylvie and I are very excited about the coming Rotary year, I have worked very closely with PDG Michael Walsh and Sylvie has learned a lot from Francine.  This journey started 3 years ago and we have been given great advice, mentorship and training to prepare us for the year.
Our District Team is well informed and ready as well, we could not possibly try to move forward without their assistance.
As with the work that the President's needed to do to prepare for their year, it is now time to step forward.
We begin our club visits much like Mike did with the Presque Isle club first, so be kind.
I started in Rotary 2002 with the Moncton West and Riverview club, I wish to take this time to also thank everyone of their members for their quick wits and guidance through the years.  The move over to the Dieppe Rotary club was one taken with much thought but when it came down to location and meeting times it all fit, They met just down the road from my office (this was before they closed down Crystal Palace, Ramada).  I am shy speaking French so I have looked at the move to Dieppe RC as an opportunity to improve my confidence with speaking French.
As President "Ravi" has asked let's work and focus on becoming "A Gift To the World"
See everyone soon.
Wayne Wornes
Governor District 7810
Your Leadership Team can be found on the District clubrunner site under Organization chart
The Rotary Clubs of Perth-Andover and Fort Fairfield held their joint Annual Meeting at the Larlee Creek Public House in Perth-Andover on June 25.  Rotarians and their spouses/partners enjoyed a delicious meal and a special time of fellowship. 
The combined Annual Meeting is a longstanding celebration of the Rotary year by both clubs.  Each club presented member awards and recognitions. District Governor Mike Walsh presented Perth-Andover Rotary Club President Margie Brooks with the Presidential Citation, one of three awarded in District 7810 for the 2014-2015 year. 
 Special guests included District Governor Mike Walsh and wife Francine, District Governor-Elect Wayne Wornes and wife Sylvie, District Governor-Nominee Ginny Joles, Past District Governor Pat Perry, Area 1 Assistant District Governor (ADG) Floyd Rockholt, and
Area 1 Immediate-Past ADG Nancy Fletcher.
Many of the Clubs throughout the District are busy with a variety of fundraising activities and community projects.  Get all the latest updates on our District Facebook page.  Don't forget to like our page and the pages of our clubs to share all the great things Rotarians are doing throughout New Brunswick and eastern Maine. 
Rotary Club of Presque Isle - clean up
Rotary Club of Newcastle - Rotary Spring Fest
Rotary Club of Fredericton Sunrise
Check out the District Facebook page (like it if you don't already) for updates on all the good work and recognition that is going in our Clubs.
The Municipality of Cumberland County; Mike McLellan presented “Certificates of Recognition” for countless hours of volunteer work to Carrie White, Pam Harrison, Dara Legere, LouAnne Berry, P J White and Charlene Daborn.
Dara Legere was recognised by Nova Scotia’s Premier, the Honorable Stephen McNeil, MLA at a 41st Provincial Volunteer Awards Ceremony luncheon held at the Weston Hotel, Halifax on April 7th

With great pleasure Margie Brooks, President, Perth-Andover Rotary Club,  presented the executive of the SVHS Interact Club with their charter on February 8.


Kevin McCartney, Rotarian from the Presque Isle Rotary Club, gave a very interesting and informative presentation at the Feb. 8 meeting of the Perth-Andover Rotary Club.  He spoke about a Guatemalan Future Vision Project that is in the initial planning stages.  Representatives of the Rotary Clubs of Presque Isle, Caribou, Fort Fairfield, Mars Hill and Limestone have  formed the organizing committee.  He welcomed interested Rotarians from our club to join them.


All Rotarians are invited to the attend the Rotary World Community Project. Please see attached invitation with details on the event. This is the fourth year of this event that has been held in partnership with six clubs in the district: Moncton Sunrise Club, Dieppe Club, Shediac Club, Moncton Club, Fredericton Sunrise Club and Moncton West & Riverview Club. The focus this year will be on providing clean drinking water to villages in India.


If you are interested in learning more about the project or would like to attend this evening please call me or email me.


Best Regards,


Susy Campos

Tel: 506-386-1330


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